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Just a couple of quick but important things, please take a moment to read.

Firstly, I know I haven’t been on much lately - and I promise, I have a long and legit list of reasons for this.
First thing I’d like to say is, to the two users who sent me prompts: I swear I saw them, and I’m working on them. Thanks so much for shooting them my way - every single one is gold - and hopefully it won’t be too much longer until my time frees up a little and I’m able to complete them to an enjoyable standard.

Secondly, I wanna get a word in about these “raids”. While checking up on the status of these raid, I, for the first time, saw one of the posts that are causing so much trouble, and I’m beginning to understand why so many people are so mad.
Bless my luck, I actually have a strong stomach fro graphic imagery, so the joke’s on 4chan’s raiders from where I’m standing - I flick through Creepypasta and read up on twisted versions of Alice in Wonderland for fun. But I know that some of my fellow users aren’t as immune. I have heard three versions of how this all started; in one, Tumblr Feminazis were in the wrong; in another, it was the pol/ board on 4chan; and in another it was all b/ doing it for the lulz. The truth always lies somewhere in the middle, but frankly in this case, I don’t actually care. Innocent people who have done nothing wrong have been adversely affected all because they went on their own supposedly “safe for work” tags, and that’s wrong by any decent human being standard.
I’m not going to propose any kind of counterspam, or declaring war on 4chan because really, I don’t think it’ll help. I just want to urge my more sensitive followers to PLEASE be careful. If you do come across stuff you are desperate to unsee, try any of the following:
-Leave where you are. Go out. Go visit a friend. Go SOMEWHERE. Get your eyes to see something different, and hopefully your brain will follow suit.
-Do something that makes you happy. Pat a kitten. Bake cookies. Watch your favourite show or read your favourite book. I don’t care what it is; do something you love, even if you don’t necessarily feel like it.
-Reach out to your support network. If you’re feeling triggered by the content, go and speak to a friend or a parent or a counsellor or anyone.
And now let me just say; some of you have followed me for a long time. I’ve been tumbling on for a while and my blog has been, for the most part, SFW. If I suddenly start posting highly graphic imagery, please, PLEASE, bear in mind that is isn’t me so I’ve probably been hacked; and message me because I might not know, and I swear that I will delete whatever it is. Furthermore, if you need to speak to someone with regard to support over these raids (or anything really), my ask box is open for business. Please don’t think you’re alone in anything, okay?

Okay, that is all :) Scroll safe, and have a great day!

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mama Mikasa is the best Mikasa.

Drawing main protagonists hugging right before the show ends is how I cope. Who else is not ready for the final? D:

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gif meme → colors

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Clara, be my pal, tell me: am I a good man?

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New season of Doctor Who premiering Saturday, August 23rd at 8/7c with feature-length episode ‘Deep Breath.’ 

Watch the teaser here

For those outside of the US, the teaser can be seen here

In case you missed it…

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The BBC has today confirmed the much-anticipated eighth series of the hit drama Doctor Who will land on BBC America Saturday, August 23rd at 8/7c.

The feature length premiere episode entitled “Deep Breath” will see Peter Capaldi take on one of TV’s most iconic roles as the Twelfth Doctor, alongside Jenna Coleman as his companion Clara.

An exclusive 15 second teaser showing a first-look glimpse of the new Doctor and Clara aired this evening on BBC America confirming the date, and can be seen here

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First-class move: Amy Adams gives up seat to serviceman on flight

(Photo: Lucas Jackson / Reuters file)

Actress Amy Adams pulled a first-class move on Friday during a flight from Detroit to Los Angeles when she gave up her prime seating to an American serviceman who was also on the plane. 

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